• Art is the opposite of the entropy
  • Respiration always precedes aspiration
  • If God exists, this is Bach and Gould is his Messiah
  • Every single Bach's composition conveys a little birth and a little death
  • Bach's work is a continuous division by zero
  • Listening to Bach makes the idea of living far more meaningful and the idea of dying far more unbearable
  • GoD is what DoG sees when looks at the mirror
  • God lies between knowledge and imagination
  • God resides in the fringes of cognition
  • Don't feel fool for not knowing who is the Creator. God has exactly the same query
Good - Evil
  • Evil is the lack of good, good is the lack of the lack of good
  • There are n reasons for someone to live. Happiness means the ability to make this n as large as possible
  • Imagination is the vehicle to reach infinity
  • Our world is a projection of the sphere of fantasy onto the three dimensional space
  • Those who attempt to define imagination, obviously lack it
  • Infinity ceased to be infinity from the moment we gave it a name
  • Zero times infinity equals everything
  • Insanity is a black hole. Once you fall in, you never get out
  • Internet is the best tool for humanity and the worst weapon for human
  • We argue whose cell is better but no one realises that we could simply be outside the prison
Life - Death
  • The more I grow the less I know
  • Life is an infinite number of infinitesimal moments
  • Birth is the first future, death is the last past
  • If you ever feel time passing by slowly, be assured that death is getting close
  • My birthday reminds me more of my death than of my birth
  • The more you have in life, the more will be taken by death
  • The most distracting thing in my life is the necessity to stay alive
  • The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life
  • The difference between life and death is so minuscule that no other state fits in between
  • I am not afraid of death. I die every moment. What I am afraid of, is the thought that I will never die again.
Ontology - Existentialism
  • Existence is the second most important concept that determines the substance of being. The first one is non-existence
Optimism - Pessimism
  • Pessimists are those who define optimists as the opposite of pessimists. Optimists are the opposite of pessimists
  • Every question has an answer, even if the answer is that the question has no answer
  • Time is constant. We are revolving around it
  • The universe has forgotten to include what lies outside
  • I am too small to fit in the universe
  • People look behind when there is nothing left to see in front

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    1. I am proud of any single gesture of your brain and psyche my brother!